Journey to the Shaolin Temple – Part 2

In May 2018, I went on a journey to the Shaolin Temple.
Here’s part 2 of my notes. With a few pictures that I shot. And part 2 of the movie we made.
You’ll find part 1 in the blog section of Kung Fu Journey.


In the hearts and minds of any martial artist, the Shaolin Temple is the birthplace and source of Kungfu.
It is also the origin of Zen Buddhism.

For any practitioner of any art, it’s an invaluable effort to visit the epicentre of his practice – a pilgrimage.

Together with Patrick and Rene from Brummen NL, we stepped into a pressure cooker in another world.
We were warmly welcomed by the Temple’s International Liaison: Mr. Wang Yumin. Our home for these weeks was the International Disciple’s Home in Wangzhigou, hosted by ai and xuxu (aunt and uncle), and they really felt like an aunt and an uncle to me. Very loving and caring.

Our daily training schedule: mornings 8.30 – 11.00, afternoon 15.00 – 17.00.
Running, stretching, basics, kicks, forms.

Da Mo Cave

One Sunday morning, I climbed up the mountain to the cave where Shaolin founder Da Mo meditated for 9 years.
It was still early in the day, so I had the chance to sit there alone for a few minutes.

Another great example of gratitude to be able to step into this centuries-old tradition.

Here’s me with one of our sifus, Yan Bi



In short summary: a real life adventure.
Went to Shaolin Temple, trained Kungfu with master monks, stretched limits, empowered my spirit, met some great people from all corners of the Earth, made a few new friends, attended Buddhist prayers and rituals, tasted outlandish food, felt a very warm welcome and sense of belongingness.
Grateful. Blessed. Honoured.

Namaste. Amituofo.


Some more embedded pictures from Flickr:

Shaolin 2018



And here’s part 2 of the movie we made: