Shaolin Kung Fu seminars with Master Yan Xin

Ever since I started practicing Kung Fu I have been following Master Yan Xin on YouTube. His videos are really inspiring and motivational. Master Yan Xin is the co-founder of and is a 34th generation Shaolin disciple. He trained in the Shaolin Temple (Henan Province, China) from a young age, and in 2001 he started to share his knowledge and teach students in England. Now Master Yan Xin resides in Dublin, Ireland and continues with his passion for Kung Fu teaching.

When Master Yan Xin posted an announcement video that he was coming to The Netherlands for seminars, I got really excited! When I dropped the link in our school app group, Olaf, Maarten and Danny immediately agreed to come along. We ordered tickets for the first two seminars (both on the same day), because going multiple days wasn’t possible for us. In total there were 7 seminars spread over three weekends:

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