Journey to the Shaolin Temple – Part 1

In May 2018, I went on a journey to the Shaolin Temple.
Here’s part 1 of my notes. Plus part 1 of the video we made.
You’ll find part 2 in the blog section of Kung Fu Journey.

Sometimes during an ordinary day back home, I miss being at the Shaolin Temple.
I hear still in my mind the tolling of the small bells underneath the corners of the roofs,
I hear the children chanting in their practice,
I smell the incense in front of the Great Buddha Hall, or the coal furnace being lit up in the morning.

A monk walks past at four in the afternoon, hitting the wooden plate to signal afternoon prayers.
I feel my uniform flapping in the wind,
I look down the hill slope adjacent to the practice hall – and see the rooftops.
Beyond them – the massive majestic mountains, calling me to yet another adventure,
feeding me with the strength to continue – jiayou!

A bird in flight between two stupas in the Pagoda Forest,
the rustling of leaves in tree tops,
a sense of intensified awareness – a rare belongingness,
and strengthened longing to get back soon.

Sometimes during an ordinary day back home, I miss the Shaolin Temple.